America; American Values

Alf, Jr., J. Mapp.  The Faith of Our Fathers, ISBN: 9780760786963.
What America’s founders believed in their own words.
Coram, Robert.  Boyd, ISBD: 0316881465.
A study into the making and strategy of a modern Sun Tzu.
Galloway, Charles.  Christianity and the American CommonwealthISBN: 0915815575.
The influence of Christianity in making this nation.
Morgan, Robert.  Boone, ISBN: 9781565126152.
A biography of an American icon.
Steyn, Mark.  America Alone, ISBN: 139780895260789.
The isolation and transformation of America.
West, Allen. Guardian of the Republic, ISBN: 9780804138109.
The inspiring life and uncensored views of a veteran, patriot, former Congressman, conservative icon, and warrior for personal liberty.

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