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Recommended Reading

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Gene’s Personal Favorites—Enjoyable Reading
Carter, Forrest.  The Education of Little Tree, ISBN: 9780826328090.
        The story of an orphan who grows up with Cherokee grandparents during the Depression.
Dobie, J. Frank.  The Ben Lilly Legend, ISBN: 0292707282.
        The story about an old bear and lion hunter of the West.
Grayson, David. The Friendly Road, ISBN: 1558381155.
        A walking journey in early America.
Hemingway, Ernest.  The Old Man and the Sea, ISBN: 9780684830490.
        A great story of endurance (I have five copies!).
Hillenbrand, Laura.  Unbroken, ISBN: 9781400064168 (hardcover).
The story records Louie Zamperini's youth and running career, but mostly his experiences in a WWII Japanese POW camp. His survival through it all was miraculous, and as the story unfolds, is seen to be an answer to a prayer uttered while drifting in a life raft with two other flyers in the Pacific Ocean, promising that if God would deliver him, he would in turn serve God the remainder of his days. After the war, alcoholism took it's toll, until finally his wife convinced him to attend a Billy Graham revival, where he came to faith in Jesus Christ.  As a footnote, Louis Zamperini ran the 5,000-meter run in the 1936 Olympics, where my Father took second in the 1,500-meter run—the first three runners all breaking the world record. I remember, as a boy, hearing my father talking with a sports fan, and saying that, had it not been for the war, Louie Zamperini would probably have become the greatest miler yet. Louie is still alive today, at age 93, and is a true American hero, and spiritual warrior. The book is well worth reading!
Ruark, Robert.  The Old Man and the Boy, ISBN: 0805002391.
        A great read about American mentoring.
Tolstoy, Leo.  Master and Man, ISBN: 0460004697.
        A collection of Tolstoy’s stories and parables.


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14 Pages
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