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Current Spiritual Culture
DeYoung, James B, Burning Down the Shack, ISBN 9781935071846.
This is a critique of The Shack by a man who knows its author well, and has witnessed his departure from biblical faith. Due to the popularity of The Shack, this book is crucial for uninformed believers to see the doctrinal errors contained in it, and to understand the theology it is presenting.
Harris, Alex and Brett, Do Hard Things, ISBN: 9781601421128 (hardcover).
A challenge by two teenage authors to the teens of today to rise above mediocrity—and excel.
Hixson, J. B., Getting the Gospel Wrong, ISBN: 9781606470985.
A look at how the Gospel is being distorted in churches and ministries today.
Kupelian, David, How Evil Works, ISBN: 9781439168196 (hardcover).
This book reveals the destructive trends in American culture and politics today, and how to combat them.
Levin, Mark R., Liberty and Tyranny, ISBN: 9781416562870 (P).
How to thwart the current attack on Constitutional liberty in America.
Luce, Ron, Battle Cry for a Generation, ISBN: 9780781442671 (hardcover).
This book presents the current war being waged against America's youth by the media, corporations, and politicians.
Lybrand, Fred, Back to Faith, ISBN: 9781607918875 (P).
The very best book I have found to dismantle the assault on the Gospel by many today who confuse issues of salvation and sanctification, and base salvation on evidences of fruit in one's life.
McCallister, Peter, Manthropology, ISBN: 9780733623912.
The author of Manthropology is an evolutionist, not a Christian. the book is interesting in that he set out to prove his evolution theory, only to find that history does not support it in any way. In spite of the evidence that man is digressing—not evolving—which he himself presents, he remains an evolutionist. The main value of the book is its historical records, and the way it shows how closed the mind can be to the truth.
Tripp, Paul David, War of Words, ISBN: 9780875526041 (P).
An interesting book of how our words reveal our inner condition, and how God's grace and power alone can tame the tongue.
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14 Pages
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