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Bible Studies

Black, David Alan, The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul, ISBN: 9781938434730.
It takes some courage for a scholar to risk his reputation by challenging a so thoroughly assured conclusion of many scholars that Paul is not the author of the book of Hebrews. Yet this is precisely what Dr. David Alan Black has done. In this book he adapts some of his previous scholarly work for a broader audience, demonstrating both how one goes about determining the authorship of an ancient work, and also how one challenges a scholarly consensus.
Gray, James M.  How to Master the English Bible, ISBN: 9780832305337.
A small, simple, yet life-changing approach to Bible study.
Hendricks, Howard and Hendricks, William.  Living by the Book, ISBN:  0802408168.
An overview of Bible study methods.
Ryrie, Charles C.  Basic Theology, ISBN: 089693814X.
A concise presentation of basic Bible doctrines.
Vine, W. E.  Vine’s Amplified Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, ISBN: 0529069474.
A handy reference for English readers, interested in the definitions of biblical words.


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14 Pages
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