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By Grace Through Faith

Oh God, I read within Thy Word
That all "by grace through faith" must be
Before my life can please the Lord
And Thou be satisfied with me.

And if grace means Your power alone,
If faith no merit there can claim
To grasp this power for my own
Then grant by faith this grace I name.

On seven pillars wisdom rests,
Faith must itself be first to stand
And so by grace, hear my request,
Grant me the faith of Abraham.

But faith must grow from strength to strength
If other virtues are to be
For height and depth and breadth and length
I need Moses' humility.

And how shall I stand in my time
Like these great men of old?
I cannot bear the upward climb
Lest like Elijah I am bold.

Yet having these, my soul's not filled
I thirst for blessings from above.
My heart, my mind, my soul are stilled
If I fall short of David's love.

Lord, see how weak and frail I am,
Grant me the faith of Abraham.

Because my faults are plain to see,
I seek Moses' humility.

Elijah was a man to pray
Teach me, like him, to live each day.

And in the dark of my distress,
Give Jeremiah's faithfulness.

Because all good is from above,
Send me a heart with David's love.

Page 6 of 52
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52 Pages
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