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Psalm 1 (Part 3) - Spiritual Posture

Year recorded: 2001 - length: 00:28:32
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Joseph Flax challenged Jews and Muslims with the gospel by asking to who Psalm 1 refers -- a man who "...never walked in the counsel of the ungodly, never stood in the way of sinners, and never stood in the seat of the scornful". Psalms 1 anticipates the coming of Jesus Christ and lays the foundations for the other Psalms. Blessing is the result of choosing the right path. Walking is the posture of our spiritual direction (PSA 1:1, JOH 14:6, 1JO 1:5-7). Standing is the posture of inner conviction (PSA 1:1, GAL 5:1). Posture of sitting is that of habitation (dwelling) (PSA 1:1, DEU 6:7). Delight as a posture indicates inner motivation (PSA 1:2, PSA 37:4, JOH 14:21-23). Meditation is a posture of preoccupation of soul (HEB 12:2, ISA 50:4). Prosperity indicates benediction or blessing around us (PSA 1:3, EPH 1:3). Blessing comes from trust in the Lord (JER 17:5-8) and becomes a reflection of the Lord. Jesus offered Himself as the source of the living water (JOH 7:37-41, EPH 1:13, EPH 4:30). When we identify with Christ, we become a "...tree transplanted by the water" (PSA 1:3, COL 1:13, EPH 2:8). The water (Spirit) blesses our lives and those around us (JOH 15:1-8). Postures of the servant of God: (1) Lying down - rest (PSA 23:2-3). (2) Sitting for instruction (LUK 10:39); (3) Standing - conviction (EPH 6:11); (4) Walking - direction fellowship (1JO 1:7); (5) Running - rapid spiritual progress (HEB 12:1-2); (6) Leaping - joy, praise (ACT 3:8, NEH 8:10); (7) Mounting up - overcoming through exchanging our efforts for God's power (ISA 40:31); (8) Bowing down - prayer (EPH 3:14, PHI 2:10).

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