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Cross to the Crown #8

Year recorded: 2006 - length: 01:04:54
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Six general Christian responsibilities stem from the works of Grace (TIT 2:11) -- Eternal Life (ROM 6:23, TIT 3:4); God's Grace appeared to teach us; in this God is often silent in our tests so we learn what to leave, how to live (righteously), and what to look for ("the blessed hope") and zealous for good works. (1) Every believer must engage in Bible study (1TI 4:13; 1TI 3:16); (2) Confession of sin -- key to fellowship (PRO 28:13); (3) Effective prayer (EPH 6:18, JAM 5:16); (4) Witnessing (1PE 3:15); (5) Giving (2CO 9:7); (6) Fellowship and communion -- maintaining unity (EPH 4:1-7).

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