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Cross to the Crown #7

Year recorded: 2006 - length: 00:58:51
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Life is a pilgrimage (PSA 84:5-9). God uses our bad situations to be a blessing to others "strength to strength"; ROM 1:17- "faith to faith"; 2CO 3:18 - "glory to glory". 5 mountain peaks of faith: (1) Hebrew "AMEN" - beginning faith - means to "lean on a staff". (2) BATACH - PRO 3:5-6 - faith as a wrestling match - cast your cares on the Lord (1PE 5:7). (3) CHASAH (PSA 57:1, HEB 6:18, PSA 84:9) - to find a safe refuge. (4) YACHAL - applying dressing to a wound (JOB 13:15). (5). QAWAH (ISA 40:31) - small threads woven into a strong unbreakable rope (ECC 9:4). Harold Gatty, famous navigator, taught that in navigating you have to know where you are to get where you're going. If you have a map and compass internally, you would be able to orient to any terrain in front of you. The Bible is our map; the Holy Spirit is the compass. Life of faith: (1) childlike belief and trust in God's Word (ROM 10:17); (2) faith focuses on the invisible things of God's Word (2CO 5:7); (3) faith is the only way to please Him (HEB 11:6); (4) fath is a one word summary (HAB 2:4, ROM 1:17, GAL 3:11, HEB 10:38); (5) faith transfers Word of God to life experience through love (GAL 5:6). (6) everything not of faith is sin (ROM 14:23). (7) after salvation is "faith plus works" (EPH 2:10).

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